Accufeed An accurate way to insert nasogastric tube in patient with neurological dysphagia

BioScoop A safer and simple way to perform per-cutaneous liver biopsy for definitive diagnosis

Brun A way to assess wellbeing during labour in resource constrained setting to reduce intrapartum stillbirths and neonatal deaths

Chest Compression Device An effective and consistent way to deliver Chest Compression to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims

Consure Medical A better way to manage fecal incontinence in non-ambulatory patients that improves clinical outcomes and reduces operating cost

FlexiOH A Breathable and customisabel cast for bone fracture immobilization

HiCARE LIMO A better way to temporarily immobilize injured lower limbs in trauma patients before they receive definitive care

NoXeno An easier way to remove anterior foreign body from the nose without the need to general anesthesia in a primary care setting

Ozyn-D Intraosseous Device A solution for difficult intravenous access to gain quick access to circulation in clinical emergencies

Sohum INNOVATION LAB A novel device to screen newborns for hearing loss in resource poor setting to provide timely intervention and prevent speech loss

SphinX A novel ostomy management system that helps patients regain contol over their evacuations and improves overall quality of life.

Windmill Health Technologies A way to empower front line health workers to resuscitate newborns effectively

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